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Natural tick collar for dogs

On this page we describe how to make an anti tick collar with EM ceramics.

For this knot you will need 5 CM of cord per 1CM of strap. We are using an adjustable collar of about 20 cm and have used three pieces of cord of 110CM. For larger collars you need of course more cord and EM ceramic beads.

For the collar below you need in total:

3X 110CM paracord type 3
7X EM ceramic beads
2X Dog paw beads
1X Cord stopper

Step 1
keramische tekenband zelf maken
Tie a knot in your cord and make sure that the middle colour is the one on which the EM beads will be placed.

Step 2
natuurlijke tekenband
Slide the first bead over the first cord

Step 3
een teken band van paracord maken
paracord teken armband
teken kralen band paracord
hoe paracord met em kralen maken
Now tie the knot as shown above

Step 4
EM Keramiek antie teek
Now slide the second bead over the middle cord and repeat the above steps.

Step 5
Paracord antie teken band EM Keramiek
Once you have finished tying, tie a knot at the end like the one you started with.

Step 6
Paracord anti teken band EM keramiek
Now we will start the finishing touches. Cut one of the outer threads on each side close to the knot.

Step 7
Paracord anti teken band
Now burn the wire you have just cut so that it cannot fray.

Step 8
Paracord anti teken band em keramiek
Now we need to add the beads, these have a small diameter so they sit tightly on the wire. Pull the core wires of the last +-4CM out of the outer jacket

Step 9
EM-X keramiek grijze pijpjes anti teek
Cut the core wires.

Step 10
EM keramiek anti teken band hond
Slide the cord stopper and bead over the two wires

Step 11
EM keramiek anti teken band hond
Make a knot at the end and fuse it in place, do this for both sides.

Step 12
Paracord anti teken and EM keramiek
The tick and flea repellent dog collar is now finished!

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