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What is paracord?

Paracord, quality from the USA

For outdoor sports and adventure enthusiasts paracord is an indispensable element. At we offer you the highest quality paracord. Unlike the polyester paracord that you find in many shops, our paracord is made of nylon. Most people find that nylon paracord feels much more natural and pleasant than the polyester variant.


What type of paracord do you need?

Paracord first became popular in the military. Paratroopers in the Second World War often cut the ropes of their parachutes after landing in order to take them with them. The strong paracord served them in many ways. The popularity of paracord has only increased since then and so has the number of applications.


A rope is not a paracord

What makes a paracord a paracord? A paracord is super strong and has a very favourable strength to weight ratio. A paracord can be recognised by the braided pattern. Strands of nylon thread are braided around an equally braided sheath. This interwoven design makes paracord so legendarily strong.


From outdoor sportsman to designer

We offer paracord for the active outdoorsman, but also for the creative jewellery designer. After all, paracord symbolises a lifestyle that seizes life with both hands. It is therefore no wonder that many people want to wear bracelets made of paracord. Depending on your wishes, you can find the paracord that suits you on our site. If you do not know exactly which paracord or how much you need, please contact us without obligation.


Types and sizes

There are several types and sizes of paracord. Paracord type II is our thinnest paracord. The strong material has a diameter of 3 mm and is good for a breaking strength of 192 kilos. We offer several varieties of this type II paracord. In our shop you will find seven single-colour variants (purple, white, gold, orange, black, yellow and silver), two variants with neon colours (red and yellow) and also three paracords (green/black, orange/black and corporal) with a diamond pattern.


Paracord type III, the golden standard

Type III paracord (also called 550 paracord) is the most commonly used paracord in the world. It is the ideal paracord for knotting in the outdoors. With a diameter of only 4mm and a breaking force of 247 kilograms, the popularity of type III paracord is easily explained. At 123Paracord we have an extensive selection ready for you. Our single colour segment contains no less than 15 different colours. From tough ink black anthracite to sugar-sweet neon pink. If you prefer a multicoloured paracord, you will find more than 60 multi coloured variants. In addition, you can order type III paracord in three neon colours and 17 diamond patterns.

Finally, you will find 17 different camouflage patterns. For those looking for paracord 123paracord is really the place to be.

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